Our IMS Policy

Our IMS Policy

Integrated Management System

As Silvan Rolls;

With the participation of all our employees;

By implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System,

• To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction,
• To ensure safe and healthy working conditions, to identify all kinds of negative effects that may harm human health and safety, to keep them under control and to protect them, and to prevent injuries and health deterioration,
• To comply with the legal legislation we have to comply with, compliance obligations and the terms of the organizations of which we are a member,
• To identify hazards that may cause accidents and occupational diseases and to reduce them to an acceptable risk level,
• To provide training and other activities that will encourage our employees to adopt the importance of customer conditions, environmental protection awareness and safe behavior development,
• To determine in advance the dimensions that may cause environmental pollution and to take the necessary measures in place and time,
• To understand and constantly follow the demands and expectations of our customers and all relevant parties,
• To constantly monitor the effectiveness of our system with the principle of preventing errors at the source before they occur, to consider our suppliers as a part of this system and to see them as a complementary element that supports us in our activities,

 To use energy, especially natural gas and electricity, correctly and efficiently, to prevent energy losses, to reduce unavoidable losses and consumption of natural resources,
• To prevent pollution and protect the environment by minimizing the effects of environmental aspects in our processes through the effective use of sustainable resources,
• To use reliable technologies and raw materials to realize products and services, ensure occupational health and safety, and prevent environmental pollution,
• To evaluate the performance of our Management Systems in order to ensure continuous improvement and to maintain continuous development, and to carry out continuous improvement activities to increase performance,
We are committed together with all our employees.
All employees of our company have adopted the Integrated Management System, which we created for respect for people and the environment, activating creativity, development and healthy communication among employees, as their corporate culture. System applications implemented in every aspect of our company life improve the quality of life of our employees, increase customer satisfaction, increase our market share, and contribute to the country's economy and social life.
Our policy is a framework for determining our goals and is made accessible to all our relevant parties, announced to our employees and relevant parties, its continuity is ensured and it is periodically reviewed.
General Coordinator
Betül Vergili