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Silvan Rolls has a wide range of machinery in its machine shop to be able to carry out the machining processes required for any type of roll. Machining capacity has been increased by three times through several investments in the last ten years.

Variety of the machines in our machine shop (Hercules CNC finishing lathes and universal heavy duty roughing lathes, Poreba CNC finishing lathe and universal heavy duty roughing lathes, Zayer TNC milling machines, bohrwerk boring/milling machines, Hercules NC grinding machines and milling machines for wobbler cutting) allow us to achieve the best performance in machining.

Our machines operated by our qualified staff and engineers meet customer requests by paying utmost attention to every detail and accuracy requirement.

Because of its high quality products and machining operations, Silvan Rolls, has established trustworthy customer relationships both in domestic and international markets.

Required machining processes of all customer orders are scheduled by our technical staff for on time production.

As soon as an order is received, the technical drawings are reviewed prior to machining operations. Rough machining drawings and drawings for CNC CAD/CAM programs are made according to these technical drawings.

Machining starts with rough turning of cast rolls and advances with finish turning on CNC machines. Roll lengths are adjusted in universal custom lathes and then drive sides are machined on the milling machines. As the final operation, rolls are grinded on cylindrical grinding machines for their final dimensions and tolerances indicated in their drawings

Furthermore, all steps of machining process are monitored carefully.

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