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In our Gebze plant, melting operations are carried out by 2 double pot induction furnaces.

22 tons of melting in total can be done within a single operation.

Silvan Rolls has been increasing its casting quality day by day by combining years of experience by using of new technologies.

The product quality is guaranteed by the automation systems used in our modern foundry from moulding to casting.

As an environmentally friendly company, our furnaces have specially designed ventilation and filtration systems, and dust and smoke generated during melting are being eliminated.

High efficiency, electronically controlled furnaces regulate the power current according to the melting process which is being controlled at any time.

Every melting process, the control of chemical analysis and the temperature of the charges is one of the important factors for quality castings.

In every melting operation,controlling of temperature of the chemical analysis and charges is one of the most important factors of achieving quality castings.

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