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Quality Control

High quality and reliability of Silvan Rolls castings is a result of the consistent quality control applications carried out by this department.

Quality control process in roll production starts with the selection of the proper material grade required for melting, and is consistently followed by our qualified and experienced staff at every stage of production until shipment.

During order processing, a specific quality control number is assigned to each roll and whole production cycle of the roll can be then traced with this number. Furnace and casting temperatures of molten metal before casting are also monitored accurately.

Hardness depth measurement and metallographic inspection over the samples removed from each roll are performed with great care by our quality control engineers.

In addition, surface hardness measurement and crack control tests are carried out for each roll.

Internal defect detection for each roll is done with an ultrasonic testing equipment before, during and after machining.

The content of alloy materials in molten steel is analyzed by our computerized spectrometer in less than a minute and results can be monitored on line in the melting section.

Full dimensional and surface roughness controls are implemented for every finished roll and following marking and coding operations, inspection certificate for each roll is issued, which enables the traceability of the rolls through their service life cycle.

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